Another year passes

Well, it’s 2014. Holy moly! I’ll turn 32 this year. A week ago, I said I was 30, forgetting I had turned 31. Time is sure passing quickly! Around this time last year, I was high on returning from our honeymoon. Well, technically I had come home with a cold, but overall, I was excited about my small world. At work, I was preparing to pass a heavy baton to our new director and assume my new permanent role in our area under new leadership. The house was still coming along, we had just recently finished the basement and we were enjoying it endlessly. Kris and I were thinking about thinking of having kids, knowing that our house needed some serious work before a small human enters the premises.

Overall, 2013 brought us some new things we didn’t exactly plan for but have been great. We did get a four legged friend, Rio! And we just love having her company at home. She is sitting on my lap as I type this now. We also moved upstairs (as mentioned in a previous post) and have a nearly fully functioning upper level of the house, only 1 room completely unoccupied, the office. While we only re-did the dining room we have settled into the remainder of the house so that Kayla could move into the basement to help her end her last year of school, and help us pay bills with less stress. A win win for all. In October we got a new roof and that was also when we learned that Kris had some issues in his digestive tract and would need another surgery. At work, transitions did not go as smoothly as I had hoped and still am not quite where I thought I’d be, but in general, I am satisfied. That is a brief wrap up…. there was plenty more.

Kris and I have now been together for 4.5 years…we can say 5 this May. While I sometimes am hard on us about not having thriving careers, nice cars, no debt, money in the bank and a finished house, I know that is just me trying to keep up with others around us. When I think about it more logically, I am so thankful for our adventures thus far. We have bought a house that we will transform 100% into us! We have jobs that we like even though the bills aren’t paid as easily as we would prefer. We support each other’s careers and are patient in waiting for the next step upwards for us, whenever it comes. Whether it is a new job, incremental increases in business (or salary steps in my case) or something else we haven’t even thought of. Maybe I should start playing the publisher’s clearing house thing. How does that work, anyway? No matter what, though, we are happy together, and that is all I could ask for. The rest is just other stuff that we will figure out together.

2013 ended and 2014 started with some lower points, but nothing to get us completely down. Kris had his major surgery and we spent 10 days including Christmas and New Years at UCLA hospital. Everything went well and he continues to recover. Money is super tight and will be until we can financially recover. We both got sick, just as he was starting to feel better. I received a jury duty summons, and I have two work trips coming up that I have to pay for ahead and wait for reimbursement. I am grateful for both trips (one to South Carolina and the other to India) so I am not postponing them, I am just going to make it work somehow. I am sure this will all be behind us and just a blurry memory before we know it.

2014 has some really exciting moments in store for us. To start, we have 4 special people in our lives getting married! Jenn, Marcy, Taylor and Kris’ sister Alisa! While we won’t make it to Taylor’s in Hawaii, we will still get to support her and be part of the events leading up to it. My trip to India will also be a highlight! Along with the prospect of more house work if we do decide to refinance and take out some of the money we have in equity. Perhaps after that, we might give some more thought to bringing a little baby into the house, if we are lucky enough to be able to conceive.

I am sure that when I sit down to write my 2015 new year post, things will be very different from what they are now, in many ways and hopefully all good and healthy ways. Cheers to new years!