I have been wanting to really write-up a nice blog telling some funny stories of the trip to India but I keep leaving my notes at work and well, at this point memories and anecdotes are fading. So I’ll just leave with some parting thoughts with my wonderful trip to the East.

People in India live simultaneously with their past while keeping up (as best as they can) with modern technology. While water still is not clean, they have things we have come to appreciate here in the US like wireless internet, cell phones, cable TV even modern marvels like indoor plumbing. It is funny to see women dressed in their beautiful sarees, flowers in their hair, wearing lovely jewelry and then hopping on the back of a motorcycle and riding across town. They are very connected to their traditions, whether they are religious (which it usually is) or cultural. In just the two weeks I was there, there was one holiday. Apparently they happen all the time. And for a culture that doesn’t really gravitate to alcohol as we in the US do, they must really actually celebrate the holidays for what they were meant to be celebrated for.

As I mentioned in a previous post, they have the most insane traffic in the world, yet it all seems to just flow with very little aggression. I am still mystified by this.

Eating with my hands was wonderful. Kris and I were eating dinner last night, just some grilled chicken and sweet potatoes hot off the bbq and I found myself eating with my hands. Wait… my HAND. I got pretty good at hiding my left hand as it was definitely not proper to eat in any way with the left hand, that hand is reserved for other things (in the restroom). I just liked the idea of not really having to be so proper, trying hard to manage both a fork and a knife. As long as the left hand is out of sight, it was fair game. Dig IN! nom nom nom

I loved the music. I don’t even know what to search in iTunes to try to find it, but I really liked it. I’ll have to ask Jacob about it. I need to get connected to Bollywood and get to know some of that world. I have to say the men are so handsome and the women are stunning. I am sure the movies are pretty good too.

So, would I go back? Yes. Even though I have hardly articulated the real impressions that the country has made on me, but I definitely want to see more and explore more of the gigantic place that I saw just a teensy sliver of. I would like to see the North, yes, the Taj but lots more.

If I find those notes of all my observations, I’ll update this post.