Kent Family Updates

I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post. I guess on another hand, I can. Time is flying! In 5 days, Hugo is going to be 9 months old, which means he has basically been out as long as he was inside my tummy cooking. Within that time, I have become pregnant again. What?! Yep, another one on the way, due right around the time he turns one, which is, yes….soon!

We have been adjusting to life as parents. We don’t feel alone. Quite the opposite actually. Between Hugo’s birth and the next baby’s, 6 babies have been born to close friends or family members giving both kids a thriving future network of besties. Kris and I now enjoy spending time with people who are going through this stuff, we commiserate, share stories and advice and in general offer support. We don’t feel alone in this journey and that is a good feeling.

In September, another adventure began. Valeska arrived to our home from Colombia to live with us and to care for Hugo while we are at work. She has been a great addition to the family, not just here at home, but our extended family as well. She adores Hugo and takes great care of him. We have enjoyed being part of her exploration of the customs and way of life in the US. She is curious, excited, still a little nervous to branch out at times, and has a great sense of humor. She has been grateful for all she has experience thus far, and I was very happy to make her feel comfortable and at ‘home’ for the holidays.

Hugo is growing like a weed. Gone are the days of him sleeping and laying all the time. He is down to two short naps but sleeps all night. He likes to be with his family playing with toys and exploring whatever he can get his hands on. Ever since I went back to work, it has been difficult to keep up with his milestones and recording them. I have a baby book and calendar that I am terrified will be half empty. You’d think that with a live in nanny that we would have more time for things, but to the contrary, she is off work once we get home. Time is still short and free time is even less so, but we continue to adjust and will be in a constant state of change for the next few years, I’d predict. Two babies one year apart will make for some exciting and challenging times.

Here are some updates from the last few months, the order isn’t chronological. You can tell the older pics based on how much hair he has. Suddenly, he was not a bald little baby anymore. Almost overnight I’d say.

Here he is at Christmas time, mostly he liked the gift boxes and wrapping paper.


Here he is after a bath, getting him dressed anymore is quite an act because he loves to turn to his tummy and move all around so sometimes he just hangs in his diaper until the excitement of the bath wares off. Aren’t baths supposed to make you more relaxed? IMG_0099

Here he is at cousin Adaline’s baptism. They are going to be good pals!IMG_3342

Here we are at Halloween. We couldn’t pull together a fully coordinated halloween costume so we had waldo and charlie brown! IMG_3396

Happy guy after the holidays. This pic was when I remembered that we had just had 3 days of wonderful memories with family for the holidays and I had very little photos to show for it. IMG_4044

Anyhow, that is us for now. I am taking advantage of a napping baby and a husband working late to get some blogging done. Hoping to do it more!