Anniversary one


Well, September 1, 2013 was one year since our wedding. Wow, how time has flown by. I still love looking back at our photos from that day and remembering all of the butterflies, stress, joy and everything else that came along with it. Since that time, a lot has happened for us so here is a recap, likely in a random and non-chronological order:

1. We remodeled our basement in time for hosting Thanksgiving
2. We spent our first christmas and new years as man and wife in SPAIN on our honeymoon
3. We got a little doggie, Rio
4. We painted our dining area in time for hosting Mother’s Day
5. We hosted Easter
6. Kris’ grandfather, unfortunately, suffered a stroke
7. Whitney got married
8. Three best friends got engaged
9. We both officially became ‘in our thirties’ turning 31
10. My wedding ring took a vacation in a safe deposit box from december to july
11. We moved upstairs
12. We became landlords and Kayla moved into the basement
Likely, there are lots more. This is what comes to mind right now though.

Kris and I had fun planning for our anniversary gifts. We wanted to stick to the traditional themes, year one is paper. Thankfully, pinterest has lots of good ideas. Kris went with a gift I had considered for him, a world map we can pin with the locations we’ve traveled. I absolutely love the idea and can’t wait to slap some pins on it! I did a “52 reason I love you” with an idea each on a deck of cards. I also wrote him 12 notes that have date ideas inside for the next year. Most are inexpensive, one is a short get away, and NONE are dinner out. We do that all the time! These are ideas for things we don’t usually think to do. Some are artsy, some are outdoorsy. I can’t wait to do them, or see how he negotiates alternative ideas from the ones I wrote. I also got us a journal to write down good times we have, and then I made two framed prints I designed in Adobe. One is an “Eye Chart” since he is now wearing corrective eye ware, the other was a photo of us at the wedding with one of the readings from our wedding printed over it. I loved making all of these.


We had a nice long weekend since we got married on Labor Day weekend. That will be something to look forward to. Friday night was national toasted marshmallow day. Jenn and Matt hosted a S’more roasting party which was a hoot! I love any S’more with cream cheese!!!

IMG_1784 IMG_1782


We both finished up our projects on Saturday. He was at his office and I was at home. I wrapped all mine in brown paper to look more like the ‘paper theme.’ As soon as he got home, we exchanged our gifts, which was fun. He liked my gifts, and I absolutely love his (the map)! But what we were really looking forward to was going out to LuLou’s restaurant, which I have dreamed/drooled over going to for years. I do think it was one of the best meals I’ve had and hands down the most expensive. But worth the lovely night out. I curled my hair, wore a dress and did my make up nice. Of course, we have no evidence. We didn’t take any photos together, just of the food! ha

IMG_1791 IMG_1803

I had thought maybe we’d have gone out after for some more drinks but in my stomach’s delicate condition, I couldn’t have any more. We had shared a bottle of excellent wine, and that is about all I can handle anymore.

After dinner we did go to Ben’s and buy a few more bottles of wine in case Kris wanted another glass, but we didn’t end up opening them. Don’t worry, they were finished by the end of the weekend! We watched an episode of Prisoner’s of War (our recent obsession that is now over #sad) and went to bed by 11.

The next morning we went to breakfast at PJ’s which seems to be a Labor Day tradition these days. We’ve been there the last few years, and the reason I remember that is because we always see burners.



After getting home I went to do some shopping so Kris could hang by himself. I had store credit at Plato’s closet, and a gift certificate to Macy’s. I had a pretty successful trip. Three new pairs of pants, 2 dresses, 7 tops and all less than $100 out of pocket. I did make a trip to ulta too, I was running low on foundation. Of course this was our actual anniversary and here I was doing shopping for myself… oh well.

We decided to pay a visit to Alisa up in the Tahoe Keys. I didn’t realize it would be a 2 hour drive. Whoops! So we ended up staying the night. The smoke was so bad, it didn’t even look like our favorite lake. Pretty sad.


We took a few bottles of wine and bought a baguette, cheese and salami to snack on. Alisa made us some awesome Kabobs and salad. As expected, Kris drank too much…. but not before a wine taste test! We tested 3 bottles of chardonnay: Rombauer, Cheatue St Jean and Toasted Head. Each with very different prices…. It was fun!



So Kris, Rio and I took a family photo, and then Kris was soon off in sleepy land. happy anniversary!



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