Bucket List

Things to do

  1. Host swanky parties with costume themes: Gatsby, Boots & Pearls, Halloween Couples, and High Tea (especially high tea!)

  2. Refinish or build a piece of furniture with dad

  3. Visit June Lake during all 4 seasons

  4. Complete the Twilight and Hungergame books—DONE

  5. Take 2 big trips (honeymoon included) before having kids—Spain and India—DONE BAM!!

  6. Build a real wine cellar in our basement—well, we don’t have a basement anymore, but I am going to leave it here. We should build one somewhere, sometime, in the new house.

  7. Select a cookbook and cook every recipe in it

  8. Take an educational trip to the wine country

  9. Grow my own vegetables

Habit goals

  1. Work to live, and don’t live to work

  2. Bring yoga and pilates into my life (regularly)

  3. Spend time with my sisters (all 3 or 4 of us) regularly

  4. Read

  5. Journal

  6. Blog

  7. Call friends and family that are far away

  8. Craft craft craft

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