The Wedding Idea…

I have all sorts of ideas for my wedding, but I didn’t at first. I wandered around like a lone fool figuring out if a classier event was at the Cal Neva. I am happy to say that Pinterest is saving the day when it comes to coming up with and keeping track of truly spectacular ideas for my big day. I bet brides from way back are so jealous that there wasn’t a pinterest back then. It certainly will make us brides of the future look better simply because we have access to an unlimited source of phenomenal ideas. I wanted to post some photos of my favorite pins but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. For now, you can just find my great ideas on pinterest and if you don’t have pinterest, highly consider getting pinterest! I’d be happy to give you a tutorial, even if we live in different towns…thats right, I’d be happy to skype or phone you to get you on the pinterest bandwagon. You’d think I own stock in the company or something…wait, are they public?

We are planning to host a rustic chic event. Our colors, with the exception of those of the outdoors, will be grey and yellow. Not that our guests have to wear grey and yellow, but those are our colors, and maybe a few awesome people will wear something entirely yellow to make for some nice pops of color in our wedding photos!

Project Casa

Even though we haven’t closed escrow, I am fairly certain that we will be moving into the Plumas house. Here are some pictures of our beauty born back in 1957. She’s a real gem, good bones, and lots of potential!

Well, here she is… made of brick and surrounded by dead plants since the previous owners foreclosed…

Right through those big picture windows is the living room with great original hard wood floors we plan to have refinished before moving in. A little sand down and a little varnish would be just the sparkle this room needs! The thing about this living space is that there isn’t anywhere to put the TV except above the fireplace…. so we plan to mount it there. We would also like to seal off the door to the right of the fire place and case in the fireplace with some custom shelves and cupboards. Through that door that we want to seal off is a room we’d use as an office.

Yes, this is the space we’d call the office. It is actually pretty large and would be the first real office we’ve ever had. Sure we would like to get rid of the wood paneling, but lets not get too greedy. We will see what happens. I see some dark charcoal greys in this room that would contrast well with the dark stained hardwood floors beneath the carpets.

Just off the living room is the Kitchen and breakfast nook (where the pic is being taken from). The floors are actually laminate in the kitchen, not our favorite but they are in good shape so we will keep them for a while. The cabinets, however, are not sacred. We plan to sand them down and paint them a nice light shade of cream, or beige, or grey or something like that. The gaping hole in the space is for the fridge. The dishwasher and ovens are updated so they will stay. I’d like a big stainless fridge and then in the future as we replace the other appliances they can slowly match the fridge. I just don’t want a black fridge…yuck! The counter tops are black granite tile, again, not our favorite, but nothing to turn our noses up to! The granite has some nice brownish shades in it which is why I think a darker cream or light beige color on the cabinets would look nice. The hardware on the doors and drawers is also newer and worth keeping.

From the kitchen, there is a nice little breakfast nook plus this little buffet area near a pantry. It is too bad I don’t care much for the baby blue and purpleish wall colors because it is obvious they are new! We will work on this room fairly quickly…but I am stumped… if I paint the kitchen cabinets a nice neutral color, what color do I paint the walls? and do I continue to have an accent wall like the current scheme?

On the opposite side of the kitchen is a hallway with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This would be the guest bedroom. Nice big windows, huh? I’d like to case them down the road. These rooms will also have the carpet removed and get a nicely refinished floor 🙂

Both bedrooms have the exact same built in closets. How are we supposed to hide our piles of dirty laundry in the walk in closet?! These 50-something year old houses didn’t have much in the way of traditional closets. There are plenty of cupbards, but no coat closets or any walk in closets. I am sure there will be a way to make it work. I just haven’t thought of it yet.

Near this bedroom is a lovely (and might I add, original) guest bathroom. This would be a guest bathroom, so if you come by, this will likely be the thrown you use for the “Used Beer/Wine Department” so just you wait!

And this room, would be the master bedroom. It faces Plumas but the room has an on-suite bathroom that has more than the sink and toilet set up the blue bathroom above has.

And I know you are just dying to see the master bathroom, so here it is! Pink! Kris is just thrilled! Pink sink, toilet, tub and tile…just like it’s blue colleague down the hall. At least this one has a counter with drawers and cupboards. I am trying to figure out how my brown and cream towels and rugs are going to match in either of these bathrooms. I think these will be areas that are more for function, not fashion…at least for now. Haha

And see?? There is this cute little vanity station, so while there aren’t 2 sinks, it’s almost a second station. I will put my make up in the drawers and figure out some way to keep all of my other hair and make up items in this little area. I am excited!

Downstairs is a living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Nothing fancy, but full of potential nonetheless. We don’t plan to do any updating to the downstairs right away but we will eventually. What do we need with another kitchen? Here are some pics of the basement: