How is pregnancy going so far? Just fine and dandy! We have been a little behind on getting things done, but there are still a few months and one more trimester to get things figured out. Here is what we know: Its a boy, we call him Clark, but we will not (I repeat) WILL NOT be naming him Clark Kent, but it is fun to have a name to refer him to. We have selected a room in the house, it is empty aside from a few assorted things we have collected and put in the closet like the diaper bag, some decorations. We want to do a travel themed nursery with maps, suitcases and hot air balloons. We have a crib (Leey’s old one) and a dresser (my old one, soon to be refinished) for the nursery and my dad is making a rocking chair. I am having a baby shower hosted by mothers and sisters that love me. That is about it. We don’t know his name and lots of other stuff.

But here is how things are going….








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