Introducing: Hugo Pierre Kent

Hugo arrived late on Mother’s day, May 10th, 2015. He weighed 6 pounds, 1.2 ounces and was 19.75 inches long. We had been at the hospital in labor for many hours when it became necessary to deliver him by C-section due to some late arriving complications due to being on Pitocin for so many hours. I was in great hands with my doctor and the phenomenal staff at Renown Medical Center.

IMG_0990 IMG_0992


I don’t think I’ll ever forget the weird sensation that went through my entire body when I heard him cry for the first time. I couldn’t see him, but I knew Kristopher could and was so excited that he was here, finally! By that point, I had been awake since Saturday morning and it was now Sunday around 11pm. By the time we made it to my postpartum room, it was 2am but I was finally able to hold him and spend some time with him. Everything went just fine and we had a nice 3 day stay in the hospital. IMG_1023

IMG_1053 IMG_1044 IMG_1008 IMG_0993And here we are, about to leave to come home!



I hardly slept the whole three days in the hospital so I was pretty delirious at this point, plus they gave me some extra pain pills since I would have to wait to have mine filled at the pharmacy. This was a bad idea, I was so nauseous. I was wheeled out to the car with a barf bag and a baby. Once we got home, we were miraculously able to recover some sleep. Hugo proved to be a good sleeper in his first few weeks. Mom and dad were grateful!

And here are some early pictures from the first days at home! IMG_1230 IMG_1174 IMG_1170 IMG_1166 IMG_1146 IMG_1119 IMG_1077 IMG_1069 We love you Hugo Bossman!