The Wedding Ceremony

Wow, I can’t believe it is already almost February 2013! The wedding is already so far behind us. Kris and I had the most amazing time at our wedding, and if I do say so myself, we threw a pretty awesome party! Everyone said how fun, nice and comfortable the wedding was and also complimented the food….non stop! A tip of the hat to our fantastic wedding planners, Cassie and Pattye at Take the Cake Events, as well as to Brooke at The Devine Plate. They were amazing!

Well, I’ll get right to it. We had a nice morning getting ready at Camp WeChMe. We had a make up artist, but everyone helped with doing our hair.

Hanging from an antler...


The girls and guys all helped Kris and I to get ready and look our best. We were looking forward to the “First Look” where we would see each other for the first time. It was a really nice moment, and we were happy to have it before the ceremony.





After the photos of us, we did some photos with the wedding party, it was fun, except the girls had a tough time on the slope of pine needles in their heels…. [oops]


-247 -388 -393 -396 -405 -417

We were now calm and collected and ready to exchange our vows in front of all our friends and family. The day was perfect, though the morning had been cold. The clouds were non existent and there was just a very light breeze, enough to keep everyone cooled off. I felt terrible for the boys in their suits!


I loved the pine cone idea that Cassie and Pattye had. They went perfect with our rustic theme and were the perfect way to add a splash of color!

-454 -458 -612

Our ceremony was nice, and didn’t take too long (I know people can get bored!). We had some nice readings from Native American literature, plus a pause for the string trio to play Blackbird by the Beatles, we read our favorite quote from the Notebook and nailed a box my dad made with love notes to each other and a bottle of wine for us to open on our 10th anniversary. I wasn’t able to get through the vows without some tears, the boys over Kris’ shoulder were making funny faces at me too! After the ceremony, we had some more photos which included all family and the entire wedding party. It took a little more than an hour, while our lucky guests were at the Fish Hatchery enjoying some delicious appetizers and refreshments!

Our combined family is pretty large, we are very lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.



Wedding Venue

Kris and I just got home from visiting a lovely venue for our wedding. We have decided that this is the place for us, and it just feels right. Our vision of being in Tahoe didn’t match with what we wanted to spend to be there so we have found an amazing compromise that is still in the heart of the sierras, where our hearts truly belong. We have decided to book with Washoe County Parks department, two places in Galena Creek Park: Camp WeChMe for the outdoor ceremony and overnight sleepover, and the Fish Hatchery for the Reception. The area is heavily wooded with tall pine trees with aspen and berch trees sprinkled in as well. This is what we envision (in general) for the weekend of the event:

Friday, the bride, groom, friends, family and any others who wish to join are invited to arrive at Camp WeChMe with all supplies for the wedding (dress, food, favors….you name it). Perhaps part of the day could involve a hike but the main part will require some work, setting up, and making finishing touches that haven’t even been dreamed up at this point. Friday night the bride will sleep with her party and the groom with his (no sneaking out to strip clubs!). Saturday morning should hopefully have minimal work for the bride and groom (and will have arranged for day-of work to be done by someone else) and will maybe include a round of golf for the boys and a mini spa day for the girls (oh boy am I dreaming big!). The girls will get ready on site, as will the boys. The ceremony will be in the afternoon, maybe around 4 or so on the lawn in front of Camp WeChMe. This area is lovely and surrounded by beautiful trees with the sounds of the Galena Creek nearby. After this, the party will move down to the Fish Hatchery, where there will be appetizers and drinks, followed by dinner and general party stuff. This should close down by around 11 or so. Those that are heading home can do so, and those who want to spend the night can stay the night at Camp WeChMe, which accommodates 94 guests that will be paid for already with the booking of the venue. This means a safe place for drinkers, as well as a free place for those who are from out of town. It would be really fun the next morning to wake up and have a nice big breakfast and slowly pack up and hit the road out of there.

Of course, there are a myriad of details to be sorted out but in general, we have our place and we couldn’t be happier. We just need to narrow down a date and we will be on our way to planning! Here are some photos, let me know what you think!!!


This is where guests would enter the ceremony



This is where we would have the ceremony on the lawn
Here is another view of the lawn area, we could have refreshments and snacks here
This is where the bride and groom would stand for the ceremony
From here, we would see everyone seated on the lawn and the isle
This is the fish hatchery walk way, you hear the creek really loud here, it is so nice
Fish Hatchery inside, I love the walls and the ceiling, not wild about the carpet
Kitchen area in Fish Hatchery bldg, we would likely have it blocked off for caterers to prep food, etc.
This is a nice outdoor patio area where I could see a bar, or gift table, cocktail tables, etc.
This is the venue at Camp WeChMe where the overnighters can come and hang out
Camp WeChMe huge kitchen complete with dishes, large walk in fridge (good for flowers), etc
I know it looks like a hospital, there are 2 floors like this with rooms that sleep 8 each, both floors also have bathrooms with showers
This is where we will all sleep! Don't forget your earplugs 🙂