Well hello, 2017

Another year quickly passes by and from what I can tell, this will continue to happen faster and faster! As you might guess, 2016 was quite busy and full. Life as parents is still a role we feel new with. Having a second kid within such a small time from just starting has thrown us into full kid mode nearly 100% of the time. This is a challenge we are up for, and confidently move forward with little by little each day. It is the remembering we are also a couple that often takes a back seat and requires the most energy after the kids have been cared for. Again… Little by little.

We have enjoyed every moment of getting to know Cora. She is so refreshing and turns any tired I have into energy. Recently, her schedule changed so I don’t see her in the mornings and I am feeling the decrease in my own energy when I have to go to work without having seen her. I have to say, it is an adjustment. I miss her terribly. She is such a happy baby. She smiles every time I go to get her out of her bed, even if I wake her! So I eagerly look forward to her smile (along with her brother’s) when I get home each afternoon. Here are a few recent pictures. img_3831 img_3872

The holiday season was great. We had a nice Christmas. Of course we bounce from one house the next which is so much more exhausting tugging these kids and all their creature comforts along, but it was all worth it. Sharing these holiday memories with family is absolutely priceless. Of course, this is about how we feel while wrangling the kids every which way!


But our holiday photo in pajamas turned out just fine in the end after a little bit of settling down.


Hugo of course has become fun to shop for as his interests grow by the minute. He loves anything with a lid, and likes to put things inside bags. Currently, his favorite mischievous activity is sneaking into the drawer with the foil and ziplock bags and pulling out a gallon size freezer bag and putting as many of his little objects inside of it as he can. His mouth is filling with teeth, his mobility on his feet is ever more sturdy, and he is getting closer and closer to talking each day. His clever and exploratory mind is usually pushing him to constantly be moving and touching everything, but every so often, his sweet sensitive side comes out where he is sharing with his sister, cuddling with his mom, or giving his handsome dad a big hug. It is an incredible thing watching him grow.


And so we forage into another year, looking for more time in the week and hours in the day. But my goal this year is to try to focus on the time that I do have with these little kiddies instead of complaining about never having enough time for anything. I am lucky to be a mom, and lucky to share such an experience with a wonderful husband and friend. Yes we are ambitious and always trying to fix the house, buy the next helpful thing, and do what we want for the kids, but if we always focus on what we haven’t done, we will forget about what is happening now. So, reprioritizing and feeling more gratitude are my goals for the year.

Balloons 2016

This year, the whole family went to the Great Reno Balloon Races for dawn patrol and the mass assertion. I am actually pretty excited for next year because I think Hugo will be more interested. Hugo wasn’t the biggest fan of waking up at 4:30 am. He started out perfectly chipper and sweet but by 7:30, he was in need of a nap which he got when we decided to head home right then. img_2543 img_2416

Dawn Patrol was absolutely beautiful. The weather was nice, not a lick of wind!

img_2489 img_2457

img_2528 img_2527 img_2512 img_2507 img_2535 img_2531

It really is such a fun event!

Seasons Changing

Dearest friends and family,

Wow, time flies. I wonder how many times I have said that on this blog. Really though, time is going fast. I sometimes forget all that has changed in our world as I wiz through days of work and kids. I have two kids, okay, I have two babies but I HAVE TWO! And sometimes I still can’t believe that. Cora Eloise was born on May 20th and is just a doll. img_4975

img_0912 img_0739 img_0576We are enjoying getting to know this little girl who is not too different as an infant from her brother. They do have some differences but both overall are very good and mellow babies. I am lucky, and am grateful for it every day, believe me.

I was home for the summer with her. Our Au Pair Valeska was here too so having here to help out was life-saving. I was able to focus on Cora while Hugo was cared for with one on one attention all day with her.  Round two also had some similarities to Hugo. I was ultimately unable to breastfeed again. This time, my milk was in, but she was not that willing to work hard for it once she had a bottle. My anatomy doesn’t help either–I guess I don’t have completely normal nipples. Sigh… So I have two formula fed babies, so what? I get more sleep than nursing moms and her other caregivers are able to feed her exactly the same way I do so I guess those are the silver linings. Cora did get over a month of pumped breast milk, so that is something I guess. If she gets better grades than Hugo, we will say that is why.

So how was summer? Cora, Hugo and I took a few trips up to San Harbor this summer which was wonderful. We spent lots of time with Katie, Whitney and the cousins, which was also great! We took our first family vacation to San Diego and Long Beach for Shelby and Brady’s wedding. The trip went great. Air B&B is where it’s at, along with the luggage rack we got. We felt like the Griswolds! Kris and I also had big dreams for getting our pool revamped, decks re-painted/stained and populated with patio furniture. Unfortunately non of that happened, but there is always next year (as we said last year). Nonetheless, we are still chipping away at actually feeling settled into this house we have lived in for over two years now. We still have a room that is not utilized except to hold random stuff. Once dad finishes our office furniture wedding gift, it will be a wonderful office. I focused on making the family room/play area kid proofed so that watching both kids would be easier and I feel good about the progress. We still need a few more things, but they are mostly aesthetic. The room includes a strange wet bar that I want to transform into a real ‘wine bar’ and have been collecting ideas piece by piece. Right now, it isn’t much. I have christmas gift ideas now!

Which reminds me. I have to say how excited I am to go into this holiday season not pregnant! I know I need to focus on losing some weight, but I am also looking forward to being able to indulge in holiday libations. I am making it sound like I really had to suffer when  in reality, it wasn’t that bad, but I am excited. I couldn’t be more anxious for fall. I am just a bit too fat for my clothes and really want long sleeve weather. I am sick of being HOT all the time. Maybe by next summer, some of this weight will be gone and I’ll enjoy summer weather and clothes more. And of course, I am excited for soups, hot tea, boots, scarves, pumpkin everything, and changing fall colors. Today is Sep 10, and it is really hot. I am ready for days to hot go over 80 and have some really good cool downs at night.

I have a few goals now that a new normal has begun with us both working with two kids at home. One is to blog more because if I don’t, I am going to forget these days. I am sad to admit that I don’t have a baby book for Cora, and the one for Hugo stopped at 6 months. I’ve got to do something! Until next time….