A Chick Family

It has been a while since a bunch of my family got together specifically for a family event. Typically there are friends there too, so this mothers day, we had a nice little family day. Shelby and Jenny came up for the weekend to celebrate moms, and to see Danelle, also, Jenny hadn’t met Leeya yet so it was wonderful for her to get to know both little girls and to see Katie in action as a mom. I also specifically enjoyed the evening playing with Andrea’s daugher Lola who is quite a character and is a bit of a ham in front of a camera. Here are some highlights.

I love this shot of Shelby, Leeya, Gabby, Danelle and Lola–each are already or soon to be incredible ladies!

Here is the whole gang of mostly women! (sorry Kris, Kendall and Joel!)

Erin had just cut off 10 pounds of hair that day, I hadn’t seen Debbie in at least 5 years, cousin Andrea is having another baby, everyone was excited to see Danelle… it really was a great time for us all together and catch up.

Here are a few of my instagrams from the night, I couldn’t help it. Sorry if my followers got annoyed that night…lol



The Girls

Poor baby girl Danelle, she must think I am a terrible auntie. I haven’t been putting the camera in her face nearly as often as I did with Leeya, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love her just as much!!! Here are some pictures of the new love pumpkin and her silly big sister.