The last belly pics (a little late)

Well here we are on June 9th and our little Hugo is already nearly one month old, but I never finished my pregnancy belly pictures for the blog so I am catching up. Also, I am missing a few weeks: 34, 35 and 36. I thought we took the photos, but I am not sure where they ended up, unfortunately. Those weeks are a bit of a blur in retrospect. So anyway, here is what my world was like during the final weeks of pregnancy for Jillian Kent!

DSC_0216 DSC_0333

I didn’t make it past 37 weeks. My water broke on Saturday May 9th and I delivered on Mother’s day, Sunday May 10th late that night. The photo above (37 weeks) screams at me how tired and how in pain I was by that point. Up to 36 weeks, I had really felt great, but then he dropped and I had the worst pelvic pain that my doctor said would only be relieved by delivering him which was really discouraging at 36 weeks but luckily I didn’t have to deal with it up to 40 weeks. By the end of the pregnancy, I had moved into the guest room so I could toss and turn and snore and fart all I wanted without disturbing my husband (oh the joys of growing a human). I had a wonderful pregnancy pillow and all my usual amenities like earplugs, my martini glass blanket, pillow, my ipad, my pregnancy books, water bottle, bubbly water, cuddle dog Rio, and of course my antacids, all at arms distance.

IMG_0979 IMG_0982

And now, here I am with a baby! But that will come in another post. Still need to post photos from my wonderful baby shower!

Blooming… For real!

Well it is spring and I am in full bloom, as you’ll see in some photos below. My belly is sure growing and so is our little guy. I am now at 32 weeks and 5 days. He is now the size of a head of lettuce and nearly 4 pounds. It is amazing how fast he is growing now…and me too. I have been doing lots of walking, or at least as much as my hips can manage. This helps me feel better about my gigantic appetite. I am really thankful that Katie is working on campus MWF so we walk for our lunch hours all around campus. Campus is my favorite place to walk because there is always a building with a bathroom nearby. This is why I haven’t ventured out on too many neighborhood walks…I am terrified of being stranded without a toilet.

Kris and I have been busy. Plumas is in escrow, so we are crossing our fingers and our toes that everything goes well, but as we know, nothing is for sure until the ink is dry on all final documents. It will be such a huge weight lifted to only be paying one mortgage.

Here on the home front, we have replaced the carpet in the two bedrooms, one of which will be the nursery. It looks really nice. Alisa and I refinished my old dresser for the nursery, it looks pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves! We also have the crib put together and they look so nice together. The dresser is blue/grey and the crib is black. I’ll wait till the room is more together to post any pictures. Kris has also begun to replace all of the electrical outlets with the tamper resistant type so junior doesn’t get shocked and we wont have to put those little annoying plugs in each one. He has also done something we had been wanting to do since we moved in: He replaced all the door hinges and door knobs out. They were all brass and now they are a nice looking brushed nickel. He is so handy, I am so grateful for all he does around here!

Our last little bit of fun was a quick trip down to Orange County where we attended a wedding for a girlfriend of mine who I studied abroad with, Allison. I am so happy I was able to make it and see her on her big day. She looks so happy with her new husband! So my picture from that day will serve as my week 31 picture, and today, Easter Sunday is my official week 32 pic, even though both of these are from the front, you can still get the point. And everyone can use a giggle at the facial expressions of my adorable husband–haha! I am also a little embarrassed about my week 30 pic, but I’ve stopped taking these weekly pics so serious. I was in work out-ish clothes, I must have gone for a walk or something. Anyway, here we go with weeks 28-32:

image (1)

I think we skipped week 29 because I can’t find it…




How is pregnancy going so far? Just fine and dandy! We have been a little behind on getting things done, but there are still a few months and one more trimester to get things figured out. Here is what we know: Its a boy, we call him Clark, but we will not (I repeat) WILL NOT be naming him Clark Kent, but it is fun to have a name to refer him to. We have selected a room in the house, it is empty aside from a few assorted things we have collected and put in the closet like the diaper bag, some decorations. We want to do a travel themed nursery with maps, suitcases and hot air balloons. We have a crib (Leey’s old one) and a dresser (my old one, soon to be refinished) for the nursery and my dad is making a rocking chair. I am having a baby shower hosted by mothers and sisters that love me. That is about it. We don’t know his name and lots of other stuff.

But here is how things are going….