The Wedding Idea…

I have all sorts of ideas for my wedding, but I didn’t at first. I wandered around like a lone fool figuring out if a classier event was at the Cal Neva. I am happy to say that Pinterest is saving the day when it comes to coming up with and keeping track of truly spectacular ideas for my big day. I bet brides from way back are so jealous that there wasn’t a pinterest back then. It certainly will make us brides of the future look better simply because we have access to an unlimited source of phenomenal ideas. I wanted to post some photos of my favorite pins but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. For now, you can just find my great ideas on pinterest and if you don’t have pinterest, highly consider getting pinterest! I’d be happy to give you a tutorial, even if we live in different towns…thats right, I’d be happy to skype or phone you to get you on the pinterest bandwagon. You’d think I own stock in the company or something…wait, are they public?

We are planning to host a rustic chic event. Our colors, with the exception of those of the outdoors, will be grey and yellow. Not that our guests have to wear grey and yellow, but those are our colors, and maybe a few awesome people will wear something entirely yellow to make for some nice pops of color in our wedding photos!

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