We are Engaged!

On Friday, August 26th, Kristopher summed up the tremendous courage to not only ask my father for his blessing, but also asked if I’d spend the rest of my life with him. It was such an incredible feeling to not have to ponder that question. I didn’t have to ‘get back to him’–I just knew that this was what I wanted. Kristopher is one of the most incredible people that I know. His sense of humor will always get me, even if I have heard all his jokes. His intelligence will always impress me as well as his enthusiasm and playfulness he has about living, working and being together. With all of that said, you couldn’t ever guess what someone like this would choose to do for a proposal….Kristopher had pulled out all the stops, he bought me flowers, bubble bath and a bottle of champagne. As if that wasn’t enough, he took me to a great sushi dinner and upon our return home, he convinced me we should take a nice bath (it didn’t take much convincing). Living in Taylor’s beautiful home with our corner garden tub made for a beautiful ambiance with our ice bucket with the champagne, two flute glasses, a few candles and a warm tub full of bubbles. It was while we were in the tub that Kris confessed visiting my dad that morning and asking for permission to marry me. At this point, I knew it was coming, and while it did happen fast, it was slow motion at the same time. Kristopher asked me to marry him and popped his hand out of the tub water and had a beautiful ring in his hand. I looked at him, the ring, kissed him and said YES! It was a great moment, but often an awkward story to share even though there couldn’t have been a more appropriate location for the two of us to get engaged: in the comforts of home, in a bathtub!

And so begins a full year of nonstop craziness! Today, I thought I’d pop online to find some wedding information–you know, venues, themes, colors, etc. I found myself creating a wedding website, selecting a hypothetical date and browsing themes within about 5 minutes. One thing is for sure, the world wide web has certainly thought of everything which makes me feel good because I am pretty paranoid in general about forgetting things. The website I selected, called “Wedding Wire” gave me a timeline of things to do in two month periods until the final day. What I realized is that I have lots of things to do and things to start thinking about. Kris and I have agreed on everything so far: a late summer, early fall date, an outdoor venue, catered food, lake Tahoe location, and simple overall. We don’t want a huge wedding but we don’t want to be so small that our extended family and friends cannot join.

I have so much to think about. Who will be in the bridal party? Will we have an engagement party? What colors do I want? How am I going to lose 30 pounds? What can I do in order to stay sane in an already busy life? One thing is for sure, it is time to prioritize. It is time to start saving money, maximizing time and energy and getting organized. I need to find as much free advice up front as I can. Wow…when will this all sink in?

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