Weddings, houses, jobs

Now that we have crossed over the half way mark on 2014, I think some reflection and some updates are in order. We began the year with Kris’ surgery, which went well and he has made a full recovery.  Not many people spend Christmas and new years at UCLA hospital (or any hospital for that matter) on purpose, but it all worked out for the best. As we began to emerge once again, my dear aunt died suddenly. This happened 2 weeks before a work trip to India. Needless to say, February and March are a blur. Somehow, during this time, we decided to put an offer in on a new house, which ended up closing by the end of May. April was kicked off with the first of many wedding related events. Bachelorette weekend in Napa, bridal showers, weddings and lots of joy were scattered through May and June. July kicked off with my job separating from the University and I now work for a non-profit study abroad organization. The remainder of the moth has been spent settling in to the new house and taking some time to relax.

Nearly all of those sentences above are full of lots of stories. Some good, some sad, some frustrating. I became so drained even though the majority of these things are happy and exciting, nonetheless extraordinarily hard work in most cases. I am sitting here in our new place. Peaceful, quiet, stacks of cardboard still lurk, becoming more and more ours and looking like us. I can’t help but feel the comfort of a little permanence. I like the idea of being here for a while and looking forward to all of the ups and [hopefully not too many] downs of the rest of the year. So far, everything has been worth it, despite how much I have whined in the last 6 months.

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