Whitney’s (& Nick’s) Engagement Party

Celebrating seems to just be part of my normal repertoire lately because there are so many wonderful things happening right now. I know it is this age, but it really is going to be the year of celebrating between 30th birthdays, babies and weddings! Last night was Whitney and Nick’s engagement party. One (of many) memory I will have with me forever was a phone call I got on a Sunday afternoon from Whit. I had been lazing on this particular Sunday afternoon and Kris and I were snuggled on the couch when my phone rang. I had selfishly considered not answering my phone, but it wasn’t often that my sis actually dialed me, most of our communication occurred via text. I answered my phone and Whitney asked me how I was doing and I said, “Just fine” and heard a bit of emotion in her voice when she said, “I just wanted to let you know that Nick proposed” and by the end of that sentence I could tell she was crying. She sounded so happy and overwhelmed (in all honesty, a really fun feeling in my experience). She told me the story about how he had proposed up in June Lake, up where they were that weekend. I was just so tickled, first that she called (I sent out a mass text…a far more tacky way of announcing), but second that she was so happy and that her life was about to change. It really was such a great moment. And I digress….

Back to the party, they held it at Nick’s friend’s bar, The Flowing Tide. It was really nice to have a portion of the restaurant for us, and they allowed them to use the pool table for food they had brought in. Whit and Nick were so cute, always asking if we had enough food, and if we were having a good time. I hope they aren’t as worried about that at their own wedding and just enjoy themselves 🙂 Either way, it just shows what kind souls they are.

I think I’d be a horrible event photographer, especially if I don’t know everybody. I’ve learned I only like to take photos of those that I know. I felt a little reserved when it came to really getting out into the crowd of Whit and Nick lovers and get some memories for them. I tried my very hardest, but I am also hoping that some others have gotten some good photos. Here are some of the good ones I snapped for them.

Whit’s dad, David (the dapper gent in the yellow beret) was able to join us from Las Vegas, I know this was really special for Whitney.

Whit’s BFF Molly was there, along with her boyfriend Ross, who was also a family friend of the Kent’s. Kris and Ross chatted and got caught up on the last 15 years during the party. It was pretty neat.

Mileen and Suzie are big whit and nick supporters!

Keri’s long time friend Tom, and his daughter Teresa and her husband were all there too!

These are some of Nick’s family members, they did such a wonderful job of getting things together for the party.


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